Who We Are

About Us

Shenzhen Xiguan Technology is a mobile phone accessories company specializing in all kinds of mobile phone accessories, integrating with advanced factory production line, QC System, R & D team, and professional service. Our products mainly include all kinds of high-quality phone charger/adapter,  data cable, powerbank and earphone.

Joceey™ is our brand selling well in China, East Asia, Europe and Africa. We sincerely welcome business partners to exlpoit the global market. We are also providing high-quality OEM/ODM manufacturing service for customers at favorable prices. We have been serving successful clients all over the world.


OEM/ODM Process

Demand Clarification

Finalize specificaions of branding, design, packaging, quantity, etc.

Solution & Quatation

Provide custom solution, quotation, estimated delivery time based on R&D.

Sampling & Testing

Production sample made and delivered to test the product's functionality & style.

Mass Production

Once confirmed, we start manufacturing standardized products.

Let's get in touch

If you are interested to become a wholesale / resale / distribution partner of Joceey™ products in your region, or interested in OEM/ODM serive, please fill in the following form. We will contact you back as soon as possible.

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